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Ashtabula County Board of Develomental Disabilities

Female individual that is 21 years old living at Meredith Home ICF in Concord. Individual has been allocated for an Exit Waiver and is looking for an all-female waiver home, preferably Madison/Ashtabula area. She is still in school at this time. Her team is hopeful that she will find a congregate home, graduate school, and participate in a day program/learn vocational skills. She is excited about moving and taking the next steps towards independence. She requires verbal prompting for most ADL’s. Once she builds a routine, she does not need as many reminders. She is very specific with a routine and will need staff support to ensure she feels comfortable with what is expected of her in a waiver home setting. She loves to talk about and prepare for all holidays and loves to talk about chickens/birds. At times she becomes fixated on topics and it can be hard to discuss.
This posting will be up until 10/11/2023.