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Holowienko to be Ashtabula County's first Certified PLAY Project Consultant


For nearly a decade, the PLAY Project has been providing evidence-based, intensive, autism early intervention to young children internationally. Theresa Holowienko, Developmental Specialist/Early Intervention Service Coordinator with the Ashtabula County Board of Developmental Disabilities (ACBDD) is one of five individuals selected to undergo PLAY Project certification training through funding provided by DODD and OCALI. Holowienko will be Ashtabula County’s first Certified PLAY Project Consultant. The certification process is intense and rigorous requiring 12-18 months of training. First, Holowienko will undergo a two-day intensive workshop followed by a six-week online certification course. Following the certification course, Holowienko will conduct 5 online case studies and 15 cases, while being mentored and supervised. Once these requirements are fulfilled, Holowienko will be a fully Certified PLAY Project Consultant.


The ACBDD anticipates PLAY Project interventions to be integrated into Ashtabula County starting in March of 2021. Parents and caregivers who are interested in receiving information about this project, including eligibility, can call ACBDD directly at 440-992-2111.

The PLAY Project is a parent implemented autism intervention model designed to help improve outcomes for children with autism spectrum disorder, particularly a child's ability to engage socially and emotionally. Through professional training and development, certified consultants use a set of principles, methods, and techniques to help parents engage with their child through play. PLAY Project consultants provide coaching and education to parents to promote confidence for parents to continue intervention themselves. 

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