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Investigative Services & Support (MUI/UI)

The Mission of the Investigative Service & Support Department is to determine the facts of a particular incident by conducting a review, assessment, or investigation. 

It is the Investigative Agents goal to:

Ensure, either directly or indirectly, that action is taken immediately to ensure the individual remains healthy and safe

Identify the fundamental reasons why the incident occurred

Analyze information to determine if there are any trends or patterns of similar incidents


Ensure that the Team providing services and supports to the individual have developed a plan of care, or preventive measures, to decrease the likelihood of further incidents occurring.

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ACBDD Emergency Hotline


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Who can report abuse, neglect or concerns?

Anyone who has concerns of abuse or neglect happening to a person with developmental disabilities can call the Ashtabula County Board of DD MUI Reporting Hotline at any time at 440-812-0553.

You can report a concern without giving your name.

All DD providers serving individuals with DD are required to report suspected, alleged, or actual abuse or neglect, as well as other Major Unusual Incidents (MUI's).


What are Major Unusual Incidents (MUI's)?

Major unusual incidents, also called MUIs, are alleged, suspected, or actual occurrences of an incident when there is reason to believe the health and welfare of a person may be adversely affected or the person is placed at a likely risk of harm.

MUIs are reported so they can be investigated. The investigation will help find out why the incident happened and what can be done to keep it from happening again. The goal is to help people be safe. 

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What are Unusual Incidents (UI's)?

An unusual incident, also called a UI, is an event or occurrence involving a person that is not consistent with routine operations, policies, and procedures, or the person's care or service plan, but is not a major unusual incident. 

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