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Success Stories

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Here Kevin is featured with one of his DSP, Samantha McNutt, a residential provider through Exceptional Care. They were shopping for plants at Honey Hollow Herbs for the Conneaut Community garden. Special thank you to Honey Hollow Herbs who continues to donate many plants to the community garden.


Kevin Long has been volunteering at the Conneaut Community Garden for 2 years. Last year one of the three raised beds he gardens started to deteriorate. When Kevin learned it could be turned into a garden plot he asked his staff and community garden coordinator if the raised bed could be saved so that he could continue gardening in it. It is difficult for Kevin to get onto the ground to garden. Raised beds are easier for him because he sits in a chair to garden. A gentleman donated the wood, one of Kevin's staff donated the nails and soil, while another gentleman donated his carpentry skills. Kevin planted peppers in the raised bed after it was completed, caring for and harvesting them at the end of last year. This year Kevin has started to plant marigolds in the raised bed to ward off pests and insects. Kevin recently enjoyed asparagus from the garden!