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Individuals & Families

Choosing a provider to deliver you or your loved one’s services can be an overwhelming choice.  Our Service and Support Administrators (SSA) will help develop your individualized service plan (ISP) that connects you to providers within the community that can help you achieve your vision of a happy, satisfying life.  It is your right to select a provider and you can select a new provider at any time.  We will be by your side, providing you resources and tools to help you choose a provider that meets your needs.

How do I find a provider?

Once you and your team identify services you will need, we will assist you in finding the provider of your choice.  We will place your request for services through our provider referral network.  We utilize North East Ohio Network (NEON) free choice of provider service.


What happens after I'm connected with a provider?

Providers who are able to meet your needs will respond with their interest.  Your SSA will notify you of those responses and you will be able to interview those providers and choose who you feel will best meet your needs.  Click here for a service provider interview guide from DODD to help interview potential providers.  

How do I find out more information about each provider?


In response to many requests from parents, guardians, and individuals over the years, a collaborative work group has developed this on-line tool to be used to review providers of services for people with developmental disabilities in Ohio.

This easy-to-use online tool is called ProviderGuidePlus. It is intended to help people select a provider and help improve overall services.  It allows people to post public reviews on providers’ services and to read others’ reviews.

Where can I find additional family resources?


Visit the DODD Family Connection page for additional resources 

Click here to learn more about our Service and Support Administration