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Ashtabula County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Accessibility and Inclusion Grant

Grant Guidelines

The Ashtabula County Board of Developmental Disabilities (ACBDD) is committed to creating a community where people with disabilities have access to services to live their best life. The Accessibility and Inclusion Grant promotes collaborations and initiatives that remove barriers and ensure access and inclusion for all people in Ashtabula County. This grant is to provide funding to organizations who are working to increase accessibility and inclusion for individuals with disabilities, as well as other marginalized or underrepresented groups, in various areas of life.
Who Can Apply: 501 non-profit organizations with current tax status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), registered government agencies, and local businesses may apply for grant funds. All grant funds must be used to improve accessibility and inclusion in Ashtabula County. Grant applications will only be considered from organizations based in Ashtabula County.

Evaluated/Awarded: Grant applications will be evaluated and awarded based on project goals, community impact and need, feasibility of project completion and sustainability. During the application evaluation process, ACBDD may provide recommendations for alternative solutions that are more affordable and easier to implement in order to improve accessibility and inclusion. Grant Funds support projects that address barriers and create opportunities for full participation in society, such as improving access to entertainment, tourism, employment, transportation, healthcare, and other essential services that provide equal access to opportunities and can fully participate and contribute to their communities.

Grant Funding: The maximum amount of Grant Funds available per project is $20,000. Applicants may submit multiple applications in a calendar year, as long as the combined amount of Grant Funds awarded to the Applicant does not exceed $20,000. Grant Funds cannot be used for administrative costs, fundraising activities, or any other expenses deemed by ACBDD to be inconsistent with the goals of the Accessibility and Inclusion Grant. To qualify for Grant Funds, the Applicant must provide Matching Funds equivalent to fifty percent (50%) of the requested funds, which may include monetary or in-kind contributions towards the project/program. The ACBDD retains the discretion to waive the Matching Funds requirement. Grant funding disbursement is contingent upon proof of project completion. Applicants must submit receipts, invoices, canceled checks, and other relevant documentation upon request by ACBDD for reimbursement. ACBDD reserves the right to waive these requirements.

Approved Grant/Receiving Grant Funds: Once the Grant Agreement is signed by the organization, the Grant funds will be approved for a period of one year. If there are contingencies attached to the funding, the organization has one year from the date of acceptance to fulfill the contingencies and receive the Grant funds. Please note that Grant funds will expire after one year from the date of signing the Grant Agreement.
To improve the quality of life for all staff, individuals served, families, and organizations that come into contact with our agency, Grantees will be required to participate in a one-hour training session to receive education pertaining to accessibility and inclusion.
Grantees also agree to acknowledge ACBDD as a contributing funder of the approved project at the site of the project, in material, press releases, etc, when possible. 

Letter of Intent: Prior to submitting a grant application, applicants must file a Letter of Intent with ACBDD. The Letter of Intent should include the following information and adhere to our current year Grant Schedule for submission deadlines:

  • Brief description of the project
  • Requested dollar amount
  • List of other funding sources/collaborative partners
  • Urgency level of project
  • Estimated number of people who will benefit from the grant funding

The grant committee will review all received letters of intent and select which organizations will be invited to complete a full grant application based on the proposed project's alignment with the Accessibility and Inclusion Grant guidelines and available funding.

Direct all questions and inquiries to the Quality and Community Outreach Department at the Ashtabula County Board of Developmental Disabilities.