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April DSP's of the month

April DSP's of the month

March DSP's of the month

March DSP's of the month

2024 DSP's of the Month

2024 DSP's of the Month

"Marcene is our guardian angel.. if not for her quick reaction to jayes symptoms the outcome would have been tragic. Marcene works above and beyond what is expected of her. We love her as if she were like are own family. We are grateful and blessed to have her as jayes caregiver and friend. We highly recommend her for this honor." Justine Wight & Sandra Warner

"Christian shows up for work and goes above and beyond. He makes me laugh and jokes with me. He treats me like his buddy instead of a client. He introduced me to my girlfriend when others didn't think that was possible. He helps me when I am in need. He comes right over when someone is needed here. He really is the best." ~Scott Seiffert

"Betty has worked with people with developmental disabilities for almost 26 years. She ensures that the individuals she serves work towards achieving their goals in their ISP on a daily basis, while ensuring their health and safety. Betty takes care of each person as if they were her own. She encourages them to do their best and to try new things. Betty always looks for ways to improve there lives. We are proud to have Betty on our team!" ~ Jill Oliver

"Amanda is very passionate about helping others she helped me personally be more active in my community she is a very good listener Amanda is very supportive and she can be silly but also be silly when it's called for she has continues to go above and beyond of just what her job duties require such as always being willing to adjust her schedule to make sure I get what I need"

Kristy is caring and compassionate. She goes above and beyond almost daily to make sure that our individuals are living life the way the individual wants. She strives to make sure the individuals are getting to do and learn what they want. She’s attentive and helps individuals make informed choices when they have situations arise. She is a true asset to our field.

Brenda goes out of her way every day to make sure Scotty’s needs are met. From the day they met, Brenda began to learn his language, likes, dislikes and sense of humor. She has been very creative in instituting additional safety measures and encouraging his independence. Her attention to detail is so valued and her years of experience bring great ideas and suggestions. Brenda is retiring 3/22/24 and will be ever so greatly miss. From the Cheney family, thank you so very much for all you do each and every day. The smiles you bring to Scotty, the positive reinforcement, encouragement, you are a true caregiver at heart.

Tracy has worked with Ella over the year to continue building her social and daily living skills as Ella has grown so much since the time Tracy started working with her. Tracy works hard with Ella on her goals of building her strength/stamina and healthy living as well as her communication skills outcomes, Ella is truly living her best life with the support of Tracy!

Joanne is a ray of sunshine whenever she is here, she brings joy and a sense of warmth to all that she is around. Joanne is also very reliable and consistently early for her shifts to help set up, just to make sure everything is ready for them to have a successful day. She works very well with the team here at Skills for Life and has grown to be a very special part of this family.

Jasmin came into the home health field with a background working as an stna so the background of taking care of loved ones was already in place. She came ready to go and was very excited to be able to work one one one with our gentlemen. She takes the time to really get to know the ones she cares for, she cares for them just as she would care for her own children (love and compassion). Jasmin started out working as a dsp but also has the role of assistant program director. Dsp is her first love. She is very active and always on the go (haha.) Jasmin is expecting twins any day now and she has worked until her doctor has made her stop working (which was not easy for Jasmin). That shows how hard of a worker she is. She pushes through for our gentlemen and has stepped in to cover many shifts even when she feels physically tired. Thank you always and forever Jasmin!

Where do I begin, Stephanie has not only been my right hand, but a loyal employee to the company and the individual's she serves since she began working for skills for life. She goes above and beyond what you'd expect as a dsp, and never stops showing how much our individuals mean to her. She is a core member of this team we have to help each person reach the goals they set and is loved by everyone here. I can't say enough about her and her dedication to being the best dsp I could ever ask for.

Ricky Jackson has worked with Willing Hands for four years. His compassion for the individuals was quickly recognized. Although Ricky was initially assigned at one of our more challenging locations, he was a trooper and learned the ropes. Ricky was always good about informing management of both individual and house needs. Ricky went on to gain more experience with other individuals and had equal success. He has held the position as lead staff in the past. This was instrumental at a home that needed a leader and Ricky fit right in. As time progressed, Ricky was needed at another location, which is where he currently works. The individuals that he works with love him and even on his days off, there's one gentleman who asks staff...."Who gave Ricky the day off?", "Where is Ricky?", "When is Ricky coming back to work?". Their work relationship is so heart-warming. Lastly, Ricky has maintained near perfect attendance during his time with Willing Hands. Overall, Ricky does a great job in the homes. He's assisted and supported individuals whenever asked both within his current assigned location, as well as at other locations. His work ethic is unmatched and we truly appreciate the care and concern he holds for the individuals we serve.

She respects me and is always helpful. She lets me grow and supports me.

2023 DSP's of the Month

2023 DSP's of the Month

Maura has traveled from her home in PA to AshCraft Industries for the past 22 years. She is a dedicated employee who has a cheerful attitude and a calm presence. She is very caring and supportive with the individuals she serves. She has a great rapport with the individuals and their families and advocates for them to live their best lives. Maura has also pitched in when we were short staffed in other departments such as transportation and our GES sites. Maura encourages individuals to participate in activities that help them become independent and productive members of their community. Maura goes above and beyond to make the individuals feel special and help them to reach their goals. We are very fortunate to have Maura on our team and it is with great pleasure to nominate her for DSP of the month.

As a DSP he went above and beyond with helping our client get prepared for moving into a new place. He also actively takes on challenging aspects of our job and it has helped him become an easy candidate for the house manager position, which he successfully obtained. all in all, just a fantastic human being.

Sean works with some of our most difficult clients, and has found inroads to connections with each of them. He has gone above and beyond to plan fun things to do with them, to give them something to look forward to. He never brings his personal drama into work with him, and is always happy and upbeat with the clients, making his shifts something they all treasure.

While we have a few mutual individuals we work with together and I see her hard work through that daily. We recently had a situation with a individual where he was having a really rough morning, refusing staff to come in the home, and not being the nicest person. I watched Stephanie sit in her car outside the home and wait for the individual to calm down and regulate and she ensured he was safe. It was a few hours later, but we were able to all sit down together, in the home, and talk about it. This is a prime example of her dedication to her job and her people. She could have easily went home but she chose to stay.

She always listens to us. She help with good advice. And she cares about us and doesn’t forget important stuff.she makes us all feel loved - she like a mom to me.

Chuck always shows up when needed. He comes in on days off to make sure that I'm good and have everything. He's like my brother from another mother. He takes the time to sit and talk with me about important stuff. He really "listens" to me. He stands up for me when people don't understand me. He always tried to include me in family gatherings when I'm not with my family. There's times I call him throughout the day and he'll answer the phone and help talk problems through. I call anytime and he's there for me.

Trudy is so nice, she makes me happy and we have alot of fun together. Trudy helps me whenever she can and she is always there for me, even when she is not on the clock she makes sure im doing okay.

I would like to nominate Hugh for his fantastic work with my individual. He retired from trucking and started being a DSP in 2019. He has worked with my individual over the past few years and has gone above and beyond. They have taken vacations together and enjoy activities together and finding new interests. He helps encourage my individual to join activities with his peers and learn new things. He has helped teach him how to cook and keep his home clean. He has supported my individual who had someone close to him pass away in 2020. He has stepped in as a father figure and has been someone my individual looks up to and trusts. My individual life has not always been easy, but he has made a considerable difference in my individual life. I am so grateful for everything he does for my individual and hope they can continue to work together and build a great relationship. Thank you for your hard work and caring nature.

Denise cross has not only been a great supervisor but she has been a great friend. She is always there for us. Denise cross is very caring and she will go above and beyond for anyone. She is very nice, she helps me through everything I also want to say she is an outstanding supervisor and does a great job.

Becca has been at the same house for about 10 years now & is now the house manager of that house. She goes above and beyond when it comes to the care of the clients in her home, often times working off shifts as the DSP when there is no staff to fill that opening in the schedule. She sets the bar high when it comes to the DSPs caring for Walden's individuals but does not ask anything of her staff that she is not willing to do herself. She keeps open communication with members of her staff & the care team taking suggestions for care of her clients under advisement. She and her care staff have made Walden House a home.

Epiffany is always working to make things better for the Individuals we serve and the staff/DSP's that help us. I witness her researching online and various employees at the Ashtabula and Lake Co. Bd. of DD to seek answers and or solutions for the concern(s) at hand and seek clarity when needed. She is a DSP as well as my Program Director. She has recently taken on new duties as a Program Director but continues to love being a DSP. Direct care is her first love because she wants to make a positive impact and help me enrich the lives of Individuals and our employee. The last few months she has been planning outings to Deer Park, the Zoo's (Cleve and Erie), Movies, dinner, shopping, cook outs and ensuring that the funds were available (some payees need a lot of reminders). She is also arranging more involved vacations for Individuals to go to Florida and Niagara Falls in the coming weeks. Epiffany achieves personal and professional growth because she seeks it. A true asset to my agency(s) and the field of human services/ DODD

He truly goes above and beyond his call of duty. While at the dance with a client, he dressed up with the client (Hawaiian style). The whole night I was told that the client had a smile on his face and was laughing and having a good time. He does his best with engaging clients and making them feel part of the TEAM!!

Sarah is compassionate about her job! She loves our individuals, cares for them like they are her own family. She is loving, caring, nurturing, always makes sure our ladies are taken care of, have everything they need and gives them the attention they want and need! She is always looking out to see how she can help her co-workers whether it's the same shift as hers or the oncoming shift. An amazing staff!!

While everyone knows it has been difficult with staff shortages and turnovers, Samiya has been the one piece of consistency in her individuals lives. She is a hard worker, kind to everyone she meets, and she is definitely appreciated by the families she serves. She has been with one family in particular for almost a year in October and the connection you see between them does not go unnoticed. She is a wonderful human and I am thankful to know her!

Linda has been working with my two individuals for over 10 years. She has always ensured my two individual were taken care of and maintain a good health. The Home she works in is challenging due to the family dynamic and other issues. She continued to work with them even in not ideal working environments I am very grateful for all she does for my two individuals. She has endure they are well and living the best life they can. She worked with them through Covid 19 when they both had Covid and made sure they got the care and help they needed. I just want to Thank Linda for everything she has done over the years for my individuals and their family. She is a hard working and always goes above and beyond. Thank You.

"Shelly has a great rapport with all of the members we serve. She is fun spirited and goes out of her way to make each lesson of the day fun! She helps plan our activities and includes members from other groups as well. She helps her co-workers come up with fun ideas too! Shelly works diligently to help her members reach their goals and celebrates each success. She is always searching for new experiences for our members and encourages them to participate in many different activities of daily living and community inclusion. We feel very fortunate to have Shelly on our team and we believe that she demonstrates excellence, creativity, and commitment in providing services to our members."

riley is always helping me whenever i need something at work and always listens to me when i need to talk. she is very kind to me..

Kelly entered the DD field in 2017, when she was hired as a Willing Hands team member. Kelly has always been helpful in ways that go above and beyond the normal call of duty. There have been many days that she has unselfishly taken her personal time to complete tasks, assist at other locations, work extra shifts and she does it all with a warm smile. Two years ago, Kelly accepted the lead position at the home that she is located. One year ago, Kelly accepted the supervisor position at the same location. It has been a pleasure watching Kelly grow into the employee she is today. She does a wonderful job in her role, and the guys both love and look to her as a mother figure. Kelly always takes care of the individuals needs. Kelly is a huge asset to the Willing Hands team. Good job Kelly!

"Melanie started her employment April, 2014 with Clearwater as a Direct Care Professional. Within a short amount of time, Melanie showed capabilities of a Home Manger, thus promoted as Home Manager to our Nearing home. Once the Home Manager of another of home left employment, Melanie agreed to relocate to our Chestnut Hill home while training her replacement at the Nearing home. Melanie is one of those employees who make Clearwater Homes proud to be her employer! She runs the home like a trouper! Her home is well run, her staff, consumers and their guardians say that they adore here! She rarely calls off her employment, even when not feeling well. Melanie works overtime when needed and rarely, if ever, do we hear complains from her. She follows all policy and procedures, keeps Chestnut Hill immaculate. We are proud to have Melanie as an employee. She deserves as much, if not more than any DSP, the honor of Direct Care Professional of the month, if not year. Thank you for considering her. It is an honor well deserved. Thank you. "

Julianne is always on time with a smile on her face. She goes the extra mile for my daughter Kelsey and goes above and beyond for her. She shows her great kindness and would do almost anything for Kelsey. Julianne not only takes great care of her but is a great emotional support for her also.

Amber is a great person and all the residents love her. If she ever has any problems she comes to management. She is on time and is always in a good mood and ready to help. She is always there if anyone needs her and cares so much for the clients. Amber deserves to win because she is very dedicated to the job and individuals we serve. She is caring and passionate, she brings so much joy to the lives we care for.

Stacey is a great employee. She is always reliable and willing to pick up any task thrown at her. She took over managing one of our individuals and has built an amazing relationship with her. This individual has now retired and is ready to spend the rest of her life traveling and going on vacations! She is the happiest I’ve seen her in a long time!

Dylan has a great personality. He treats my son with respect. He takes him on outings and regularly gets involved in my son’s interests. He adapts well to any changing circumstances. He also keeps me informed of their plans and how things are going.

Dinah has worked with people with developmental disabilities for over 40 years. As a DSP, Dinah drives routes, works in the classrooms, workshop and supervises individuals at several GES sites. She has helped with Special Olympics events, ARC dances and anywhere she was needed. Dinah continues to take an active role in the success of all of the individuals she has spent her entire work life supporting. Her dedication, hard work, honesty, friendly and considerate nature are qualities that has gained the respect and admiration of her co-workers, individuals and their families. It is with great pleasure to nominate Dinah Pal for DSP of the Month.

Sonja is one of a kind. She's dependable, hard working, team player, and an asset to have. She's always trying to be uplifting and goes the extra mile to try and make a difference. She goes above and beyond her job duties without expecting anything in return. She does her very best to ensure health & safety and works hard at getting our individuals engaged. She's truly amazing. There isn't enough that I could say to show my appreciation and my gratitude for her choosing to work for us. Thank you for considering her for DSP of the month.

Becky continues to impress not only me, but everyone she serves and comes in contact with. While she not only uses her own money to take care of her people, she brings a light into their life. She takes the time to individualize the care for each person. She dances, she laughs, and she is the best human. (I am sending you a video separately Andrea). Thank you!!

Because he will cheerlead with clients and he cares

Going above and beyond assisting elderly clients with serious health issues as well as handling family members who often interfere with her clients care. Transporting to numerous health care appointments with no complaints and always a smile to help them through the difficulties. Being their Santa Claus and Easter Bunny!!

"Aspen is a house manager/DSP for two of my individuals who reside together. Aspen is a wonderful support for these two individuals. She communicates with them, listens to what they are saying and responds in providing opportunities to meet not only their needs, but their wants. If Aspen is not able to complete a request, she finds a way to make it work. She has a way of bringing a sense of calmness and peace during times that her indivduals are upset or feeling anxious. She really knows them well and gives her full attention in making sure they are well cared for and loved."

"Rose is deeply committed to supporting individuals to be the best they can be! She goes above and beyond to support individuals to have great experiences, like going camping. She is creative with solutions to support individuals with challenging behaviors. She is excellent with communication and follow up. "

"I am nominating Shauna Gray for DSp of the month because she goes above and beyond for her client. She absolutely loves her job. Her heart is so pure and she is made for this position. She has been a DSP for about 10 years. She has a heart of gold and she shows it through her work! "

"Lisa comes to work each day on time and with a positive attitude. She is a leader in training new staff and knows our individuals well. Lisa always supports her coworkers and keeps the individuals engaged."

"Virginia routinely goes above and beyond for the individual she serves. She has great integrity and professionalism. She supports the individual to be connected in the community in so many neat ways. She always follows through. She is a pleasure to work with."

"Kelly has been with us for over a year and has always been there for my aunt (who receives services). She is thoughtful and encourages my aunt to be as independent as possible. Kelly has a kind heart, and I can tell she really wants to do what's best for all and enable my aunt to be a part of the community and create an environment of inclusion. Kelly works really hard, and I can always count on her to keep things running as smoothly as possible in the home. There are so many in this field for just a paycheck and she isn't one of them. She genuinely deserves this honor in my opinion. "

"Kayla works very hard with her client. Always picking up extra shifts going above and beyond. "